Is Google penalizing your Ministry’s Website?

At my local church this weekend, I heard a beautiful and humbling testimony from my friend and communication teammate, Printice about his military tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, post 9/11.

Being in a group that was recognized as the best trained marines at his bootcamp, he was part of the first responders and was deployed to the most violent locations at that time. He spoke about hearing buzzing bullets like bees, being locked in by grenade explosions, and, most importantly, how God not only saved his life but also the lives of his platoon.

More on that soon, but I salute my friend, Printice, and all those who serve to ensure that we can still experience religious liberty in the US (well, mostly, but I digress…).

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Hope your 4th of July was great America!

I know that many of you have been joining me in re-thinking what ministry means in the 21st Century. This means thinking more about how mobile and wireless technology impacts the way we do ministry. Mobile phones are revolutionizing the way we communicate. I saw this recently during  my trip to Arizona.

My wife had to spend three weeks in New Mexico on a business trip. In the past, I would not have been able to accompany her because I would need to be in the office. Our children would have needed to be in school. But with modern technology, it was possible for all of us to join my wife on her trip without disrupting work or school.

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My business is completely online so I can run my business from my mobile phone and my laptop. My kids are homeschooled so they are able continue their education during  the trip, as well. Needless to say,  a laptop with wireless was vital for their learning. And we had a lot of fun being away from home for three weeks.

This made me realize just how important mobile technology is in our contemporary world.

Do you  know who else realizes the importance of mobile communication? Google! It recently updated its algorithm, to include mobile-friendliness as a factor in ranking websites for  searches performed on mobiles

I hope that you will also realize the importance of Smartphones and other mobile devices when you check out the tech tips for this week. As you build the online home for your ministry, you will want to make sure that it is mobile-friendly.


Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Tech Tip Tuesday email.




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