10 Tips for zooming into online church meetings!

When I wrote this blog a few months ago, I wanted to talk about church meetings and how many churches are being more effective by using technology. This is critical during times when everyone is traveling or the weather is bad outside.

You see, the challenge is that with limited time and demanding schedules, the time we spend during the day should be reserved for things that impact our quality of life and others. This can include morning devotional, bible studies with your friends, working out at the gym, spending time with your family and attending weekly church services.
What ends up happening, at times, is we spend so much time swimming in lower ends of the stream that we get burned out when the high tide comes in. We also frustrate our team and don’t hit the goals we set for that year.

One area that many churches can revisit is how they host meetings and the use of technology to help their organization become more effective.

Meetings, an essential part of running any organization including your ministry, are traditionally inefficient, time-consuming events. But they don’t have to be…

Decisions about holding meetings come down to two basic aspects:

Do we really need a meeting? Perhaps we can send an email or a text message. Maybe a few phone calls will do the trick. Or are we really looking for some type of social event?
If we DO need a meeting, what kind of meeting will be most effective? Must it be an ‘in the same room’ meeting or could it be over the Internet?
Digital meeting options are now at the technological level where they feel physical, personal, and in real time. Visuals are usually crisp and not subject to delay. Same for audio.

Digital meetings save travel time. They are usually shorter because people tend to get down to business sooner and spend less time getting off the subjects at hand.

I’d like to tell you about one of the better options at the moment: Zoom.us. Zoom is becoming an easier tool to use. It is replacing older, less personal, teleconferencing solutions with video and other rich, sharing capabilities like screen share and chat.

You can read more about Zoom in my blog including 10 tips which will ease your church’s move to online meetings with Zoom and raise the likelihood of success. I even tell you about how to make scheduling meeting times easier.

I’m sure you’ll agree that it was definitely worth the read!

Jason Alexis is passionate about helping churches, ministries and non-profits get their message out to a mobile, global and social generation. Having began his career as an engineer, Jason believes that marketing and communications should be based on hard data, systemic analysis and proven best practices. As the founder of Fluid Ministries, Jason brings this scientific common sense approach to church communications and marketing. He helps churches to spread the age-old Gospel message through modern high-tech communication channels including mobile apps, text messaging and social media.
As a devout Christian, Jason bases his life on solid Biblical principles. That said, Jason recognizes his own imperfections and failure to consistently live out his convictions. Because of this, he knows his need for God's mercy and compassion. He is inclined to extend this mercy to others rather than judge them. Jason strives to run his business and personal affairs with integrity and virtue.

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