Why communication isn’t a person thing

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Businesses have known the value of effective communication for years and spent billions on their strategies.

Most churches haven’t done the same but many more are now rethinking ministry by thinking strategic–being strategic by revisiting the Biblical template that Jesus gave to us, but applying those concepts to a more digitally-connected world.

No doubt, you probably have found yourself on the fast track to becoming a communications strategy expert whether you like it or not, have doubts about it or not.

To be clear, I do think churches can be very authentic to their culture and beliefs while exploring ways to be connected. However, before crafting a unique strategy, it’s good to learn what’s working now.

Here’s one resource I wrote (inspired by Darrel Girardier’s podcast on the same topic) that I think you should read. It dives into some important points for your consideration as you develop your core communications strategy.

Not just a theory but based on tried and tested business communications tips that have been tailored for churches. Many of these tips I have used for business and churches I partner with.

You will learn about creating an effective core communications strategy and how to put it into practice so that it REMAINS effective.

I think you’ll find it worth the read.


As you read, think about these questions: If your communications lead / director / manager quits or moves on, does that cause your church digital strategy to reset? How many visitors and members need to fall through the cracks until you source another person?



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