10 Tips for zooming into online church meetings!

When I wrote this blog a few months ago, I wanted to talk about church meetings and how many churches are being more effective by using technology. This is critical during times when everyone is traveling or the weather is bad outside. You see, the challenge is that with limited time and demanding schedules, the…

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4 years, 10 secs, 1 Prize?

One of the better known athletes, Usain Bolt, the world’s fastest man and indisputably one of the great athletes of all time, won the Olympic 100-meter dash for an unprecedented third straight time on Sunday night

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3rd time a charm!

Frankly, my local church website was hacked 3 times after having that same website sit for years without attention. The result? Members weren’t able to pay tithes online for a limited time. Others saw images they weren’t supposed to see on a church website, and many others were redirected to make purchases of viagra.

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I recently saw an article in the Adventist Review. Did you see it?

church ditching bulletins

Chances are that a percentage of your bulletin readers are active on and subscribed to your Facebook page. Perhaps, a call or text blast is enough. Many of our crossmrkt.com clients are using text this way. Others, like RPC Adventist Church is using our pocketpew.com mobile app to add the pdfs there. Sligo SDA Church uses Issuu (https://issuu.com/sligochurch) to load up their bulletins. My church pastor sends out an email, and we, at times, post it on Facebook. Faithvox.com is working on this issue by first understanding what does an event mean and what can be included on your website

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You might not need another website (Do this instead)

why content matters

There’s no such thing as a perfect website, and so many pastors want to wait to get their site up because they want to include everything that’s happening at the church. While you want to be sure you have a great site, simplicity is good too, as long as you’re showing your visitors how unique your church is.

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Honey, I got the Job!

So it’s your first “real” job and you are really excited or at least thankful – maybe about the benefits you’ll be offered or the location or prestige of the company. For some, it may be what you will be doing that is most important and exciting. But for most, you are probably just glad…

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