Is your church website based on the WordPress platform? Read this.

As you most likely remember, we have developed a 15-point digital assessment to audit where your website is now so you can understand how best to improve your web presence. Quite a number of people have been taking us up on our free website audit offer.



Care to take a guess what the average results have been? 50/100

And one of the main questions that has been coming up is about improving website performance. So, we thought we’d write an article to give you a lot of important information about this issue.

Remember that website performance is important because…

  1. Website performance is a significant factor in the Google ranking algorithm. Better performing websites rank closer to #1 in search results.
  2. Almost half of website visitors are looking to have the web page load in 2 seconds or less. If the web page doesn’t load after 3 seconds, 40% will move on.

But even MORE than that, great website performance keeps your church’s digital door open and THAT means you are able to share Jesus effectively, contributing your part to the global Gospel mission.

Click over to check out the article further with practical tips on improving your church website performance.

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