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why content matters

Last weekend, my family had loads of fun at our church, Houston Central, Adventurers’ camp (kids 4 – 9). It was only about two hours away and both pastors actually drove up to visit.

It’s always a blessing when pastors visit the camp but the senior pastor was so happy, and couldn’t wait to share his news with the communication team members at the camp. He told us that 5 visitors had attended the church that day because of doing a google search.

social media update

We recently soft launched a new website for Houston Central (HC).Yes, HC is one of the current beta clients (and loving it).

Houston Central SDA New Website
I couldn’t help but share his excitement because it’s always good news when more people come to spend time in the House of God. I was also excited because the step-by-step process we had implemented at the church was working.

The key was having a digital strategy in place, which included the 7 steps that my mastermind church marketers crafted (ebook coming soon).

Of course, step 2 includes having the right content that will grab Google’s attention, and in doing so, also grab the attention of anyone who is searching. Step 3, is where we actually incorporate all the previous steps to launch a website.
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There’s no such thing as a perfect website, and so many pastors want to wait to get their site up because they want to include everything that’s happening at the church. While you want to be sure you have a great site, simplicity is good too, as long as you’re showing your visitors how unique your church is. A quick starter site that’s one page, but that includes targeted information for visitors is the best way to begin, and that’s always something we include in our packages.

In this pastor’s case, we provided him with a questionnaire that asks for specific answers, and we use those answers to create a unique copy.

Your presence on the Internet does not dictate your message. Your content does, and there are so many options available for you for a website that communicates who you are and what your goals are to potential visitors.

We’ve talked a bit about step 2 and 3, but let’s go back and revisit step 0. Where do you start when you’re putting together a digital strategy? Many churches simply don’t have the time to do it.

However, if you hire an expert, he will spend 7 to 12 months with you while you craft everything. I will giving you a behind the scenes peek into what this strategy can look like for your church, starting with Step 0.

At the end of the day, it’s all about connecting people with the church, and when you begin to see results, it makes that time you spent so worthwhile.

Ps. Over the next few weeks, I’m going to walk you through the process so you can see exactly how this is accomplished, and how it could be accomplished for your church. Stay connected!

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