Phil hates church announcements

He suggest doing this instead

Found this very interesting blog on communication and church announcements.

I had to share it.

Click here

It’s a blog where Phil discusses why he “hates churchannouncements“.

He goes into why “It’s time to quit doing announcements and start doing next steps.“

The point where he discussed “pointing people to a communication hub” really resonated with me as it is something I am passionate about and we are always trying to make our digital tools (web, text, app, in-church systems) help in this respect.

Read it for yourself, and let me know what you think!

Love to know how you are currently doing announcements and is it working for you? Have you made any changes recently?

Jason Alexis is passionate about helping churches, ministries and non-profits get their message out to a mobile, global and social generation. Having began his career as an engineer, Jason believes that marketing and communications should be based on hard data, systemic analysis and proven best practices. As the founder of Fluid Ministries, Jason brings this scientific common sense approach to church communications and marketing. He helps churches to spread the age-old Gospel message through modern high-tech communication channels including mobile apps, text messaging and social media.
As a devout Christian, Jason bases his life on solid Biblical principles. That said, Jason recognizes his own imperfections and failure to consistently live out his convictions. Because of this, he knows his need for God's mercy and compassion. He is inclined to extend this mercy to others rather than judge them. Jason strives to run his business and personal affairs with integrity and virtue.

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