Project: Ensuring parts are fully dried

Random parts exiting the conveyor belt at the end of the zinc line in the tumble room are damaged, misplaced and not fully and/or consistently dried. This may lead to rusting, defective parts, and wasted man hours and company resources (company losses).



  • Improve dryer system at the exit end of the zinc line to ensure parts are fully dry.
    • Consider conveyor and blow off at the exit of the zinc line.
    • Parts must be dry exiting system
    • Must consider part orientation and stacking
    • Design and implement an inspection/test check for desired dryness
  • Improve packing methods into baskets
    • Consider a system where the parts do not fall into the basket from the current height. Noted defects can be partly attributed to this abrasive process (Figure 3).
  • Design out any failure modes that exist within that section of the process
    • Prevent parts from getting stuck to the sides, or the conveyor belt
    • Prevent parts from falling off and outside the system of concern


Prototyping and Testing

Dummy Run

Final Prototyping


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