Bringing the power of membership and segmentation to your app

We are proud to announce the latest updates to PocketPew. We have an abundance of new features to make your mobile app more effective and engaging for your church or ministry.


Most of the new features involve using personalized accounts to access your mobile app. Instead of your users acting  anonymously, they are  now be able to create membership accounts to access your app. You can offer  many unique user logins for your app.


membership login


The personalized membership options allow you to create subscription lists. In turn, this permits you to segment your audience into a wide variety of groups. This way, you can send messages to the people who need to see them  and avoid unnecessarily annoying others.

Segmented Push Notifications

Creating specific subscription categories enables you to send out push notifications to your custom groups. You can send a message to the benefactors of your ministry, to get them involved in your latest fundraising  appeal, or  you can send out a message to your leadership team, to remind them about a planning meeting.

New Audio Player

If you use your app to  post  audio sermons or podcasts, you will love the new audio player. Playback controls have been added, so that users can fast-forward , rewind, as well as go to the previous or the next track.

Visual Enhancements

We have a new pop up dialog box design that allows you to add a splash of color to your app’s appearance. Your push notes will visually stand out.

Thank you for using PocketPew to create your mobile app. We hope that your ministry or church finds these new features really helpful in reaching your audience.

Jason Alexis is passionate about helping churches, ministries and non-profits get their message out to a mobile, global and social generation. Having began his career as an engineer, Jason believes that marketing and communications should be based on hard data, systemic analysis and proven best practices. As the founder of Fluid Ministries, Jason brings this scientific common sense approach to church communications and marketing. He helps churches to spread the age-old Gospel message through modern high-tech communication channels including mobile apps, text messaging and social media.
As a devout Christian, Jason bases his life on solid Biblical principles. That said, Jason recognizes his own imperfections and failure to consistently live out his convictions. Because of this, he knows his need for God's mercy and compassion. He is inclined to extend this mercy to others rather than judge them. Jason strives to run his business and personal affairs with integrity and virtue.

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