Pr. Richie Halversen: Using Mobile and Social Tech Tools to Reach More

My good friend, Pastor Richie Halversen, has partnered with us, over the last 2 years using Text Messaging within his many successful evangelistic campaigns and church planting missions.

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Evangelism is not convincing people, it’s conviciting them. Through the Spirit, through the Word, and through your life.


In this article, he gives us a peak into how he balances the use of modern tech tools with traditional marketing, never forgetting it’s about touching real lives in genuine ways.

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This blog features the summary of the interview I did with Richie entitled
Using Mobile and Social Tech Tools to Reach More.

He goes into how technology can play a key role in helping your church identify, improve, and activate an assimilation process that grows your church, by effectively integrating newly baptized members.

He also discussed some cool ways he is using Causely.

Read it for yourself, and let me know what you think!


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