Top 15 Ways That Churches Can Use the Periscope App in Their Ministry

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Recently, I was talking to Jason Caston from and he mentioned two apps that I wasn’t aware off: Meerkat and Periscope. They are both recognized as the top competing apps for personal video live streaming. Even though most would say there is no  real competition, it’s  more like David and Goliath. But then again, have  they actually read the Bible story? 🙂

I digress.

The mentioned two apps allow you to live stream anything, using any smartphone with data connection enabled. No complicated software or expensive camera setup is required.

For some, this may be old news, but for most of us it is still relatively new (few months old). These apps present a great opportunity for churches to tap into, for absolutely free. If you are a church plant or you are engaged in city-to-city evangelism, then pay attention.

What I personally like is that Meerkat offers a web browser view. It is great to be able to broadcast to the world without the need for the viewers to download any apps Meerkat  also integrates with Facebook and Twitter, or you can sign up just by using your Twitter account credentials.

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However,  guided by Twitter’s prestige (they acquired Periscope) and the fact that most thought leaders and churches  have already used  Periscope successfully, I decided to spend some more time checking it out. I was in and out of the app in 2 minutes, basically. My thoughts: amazing!!! 🙂 I compiled my thoughts in this blog.

periscope in church

Now, to be clear, ustream, livestream, plus so many other programs have been doing this for years, but never so simple, never via an app and never so intuitively integrated within social platforms people already use.

Side note: If your communication isn’t social and mobile, you are underutilizing your local team and missing the mark to reach a global audience. For  many churches, “global” would mean people just outside the walls of their places of worship.

Apps like Periscope grant ministries with an easy way to do just that. Many churches, thought leaders and ministries already use  it. Now is the best time to check it out and get on board. Be an early user, to expand your ministry’s position to reach the most.

Check out the  blog that discusses the Top 15 Ways That Churches Can Use the Periscope App in Their Ministry.

If you  already use it, can you reply to this post with a comment bellow? I would love to share your learning experience with everyone. If you are going to give it a try, do share your results with us, as well.

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