17 Amazing Things About the Amazing Facts Website Upgrade

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I have been working on developing technology for ministries for several years now. When I started, I thought that tech tools were really cool and that they could have a tremendous impact on a ministry growth, but I did not quite understand how they could become an integral piece of a ministry’s puzzle. I wanted to convince churches and ministries about the fact that tech tools could help them, but I was clearly missing the bigger picture.

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As I continued to work with ministries, my approach matured. Tech tools are more than a nice addition or a fad. They continue to be really cool, but that is not the reason to use them. Developing an online presence is more than that. It is a real ministry. It is church online. It is not something that a pastor can just delegate to someone to get it done, because every church needs a website. It is a ministry that is worthy of investing time, personnel and resources into.

You will understand it better when you visit the Amazing Facts’ new website. They have truly gone to great lengths to grant people with a spiritual home online. I believe that churches and ministries can adopt many of these same features in their own online ministries.
The Amazing Facts website shows that they understand evangelization is a process. Many churches approach evangelization through events, but they don’t do so well when preparing for evangelistic events and , more importantly, following up. Amazing Facts offers people a constant stream of content targeting many different interests, which enables them to engage people whatever stage of the evangelistic process they are at.


That is the beauty of a well-designed online ministry. It keeps people that you connect with in an ongoing relationship with your ministry, so that they can continue to grow.
Check out our latest blog post, to see 17 things that Amazing Facts are doing right. At FluidMin, we can help you to implement these features in your own online ministry.


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