Is Google penalizing your Ministry’s Website?

My wife had to spend three weeks in New Mexico on a business trip. In the past, I would not have been able to accompany her because I would need to be in the office. Our children would have needed to be in school. But with modern technology, it was possible for all of us to join my wife on her trip without disrupting work or school.

Project: Ensuring parts are fully dried

Random parts exiting the conveyor belt at the end of the zinc line in the tumble room are damaged, misplaced and not fully and/or consistently dried. This may lead to rusting, defective parts, and wasted man hours and company resources (company losses).  Scope: Deliverables Improve dryer system at the exit end of the zinc line […]

Engineering Vs. Science

Hey Guys, I was actually rereading my Shigley’s book (Mechanical Design Book) for an internship. This came up and I found it interesting. “Engineers use science to solve their problems if the science is available. But available or not, the problem must be solved, and whatever form the solution takes under these conditions is called […]