Part 3 of 3 – People, process and church tech

We have been examining one of the biggest developments in church technology today: how to bring your church online. This is our third post in this series, following Jay Kranda’s helpful videos regarding this issue as the basis. His analysis of church online really dovetails with my own experiences in helping churches develop online ministries. The first post presented…

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Is Dot church only about being cool?

Last week, I sent out (Part 2) Church Online: The Steps, along with the story of being the only “delivery nurse” at our 2nd son’s birth. The replies made me laugh as well as reflect. Thanks for that. God is good! The final part, Part 3, is already written and will be published soon. Stay…

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Church Online: The Steps

Our 2nd kid turned 2 yesterday. Yup, Benjamin was born on Valentine’s day in the back of our once functional Chevy Malibu, with God’s guiding angels and the Texas 911 operator. I am still surprised I did not faint (too many sitcoms?), but grateful it all worked out.   The funny thing is that, despite…

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The Shoe House

There are some ministries that can feel like the old woman in the shoe from the nursery rhymes. A children’s ministry is one of those. Generally, you have three audiences to work with: the kids, the staff and the parents. Over the last year or so, I had worked closely with the Houston Central Adventurers…

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Church Outlook 2016

​Stories of lives changed around the world

As a active member of your local church, pastor or a ministry leader, you are probably always trying to figure out what is working well, what areas you may need to work on and what direction into the future your ministry should take. It was true January, 2015, as it is in 2016. One specific…

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Bringing the power of membership and segmentation to your app

We are proud to announce the latest updates to PocketPew. We have an abundance of new features to make your mobile app more effective and engaging for your church or ministry. Membership Most of the new features involve using personalized accounts to access your mobile app. Instead of your users acting  anonymously, they are  now…

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This church increased giving by over 80%. Here’s how!

Hope United La

About three months ago, through a pilot project sponsored by PocketPew and, Frank and I worked closely with Hope United LA to revamp one area of their digital strategy by launching a mobile app. Barry and Suzie Crocker, Lead Pastors at Hope United, felt that they needed to do more by communicating more effectively through a…

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Why settle for just a church website?

faithvox website

I recall being left with my hands full about one year ago, after a sudden break from a business relationship. Though it was a very amicable split, it still left me unclear as to what I needed to do. With a loving wife, who continued to support my goals, and two boys – aged 7…

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